After Hours Training

After Hours Training

SCTMC believes that we are a 24/7 organization here to serve our industry! Weekend or night training is available if at least 20 persons are scheduled in advance during regular office hours, and at least 20 persons attend site specific or Basic Orientation PlusTM (BOP) training (with no additional charges).

Subscribers or non-subscribers are encouraged to contact SCTMC during a verifiable emergency if weekend or night training is required for less than 20 persons. A $500 charge per subscriber/non-subscriber will be charged for this service. Our after hours phone, in case of emergency, is 361.935.7823. Training is contingent on employee availability.


SCTMC, our mission is to provides accredited training compliant with regulatory requirement to promote a safe and healthy workplace. As a nonprofit workforce training center, we keep the costs of our training as low as possible while providing a professional staff and training environment to you and your trainees.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

7:00A to 4:00P

Except Holidays

Holidays are announced in our newsletter

We thank you for your business and commitment to safe workplaces.

Effective March 10, 2021, trainees will not be required to socially distance or wear a mask while in the SCTMC facility. SCTMC reserves the right to ask persons who appear to be ill to have their temperature taken by a touchless device. Any person with a temperature at or exceeding 100.4 degrees will be asked to leave the facility immediately. If you would like to request special accommodations, you must email customer service @ to set up a training appointment. All persons are strongly encouraged to take the proper precautions to protect the health and welfare of themselves and those around them.