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July 11-17 2021 Did You Know…?

Operation Safe Driver Week

The Operation Safe Driver campaign, launched in 2007, is the annual one-week enforcement and educational blitz to reduce the number of deaths and injuries resulting from crashes involving large trucks, buses, and cars. The goal remains to educate all drivers about ways to share the roads safely.

Operation Safe Driver activities include:

  • Increasing commercial vehicle and non-commercial vehicle traffic enforcement
  • Safety belt enforcement and driver roadside inspections
  • Improving driver regulatory compliance
  • Implementing commercial driver educational and awareness programs to trucking industry carriers
  • Educating youth about safely sharing the roads with large trucks and buses
  • Increasing awareness to the general motoring public about safe operations around commercial motor vehicles

Check out the websites and information at:

What Safe Driver Week 2021 Means for Truckers

Operation Safe Driver Week Set for July 11-17 With Focus on Speeding

June 8, 2021 Did You Know…?

National Forklift Safety Day (NFSD

The Industrial Truck Association focuses on forklift safety for the 8th year! NFSD continues to serve as an opportunity for forklift manufacturers and the industry to highlight the safe use of forklifts, the value of operator training, and the need for daily equipment checks. OSHA’s Powered Industrial Trucks Standard (1910.178) was the agency’s seventh most cited standard during fiscal year 2019. Four of the top five sections cited within the standard pertain to operator training.

Check out the NFSD site to watch archived webinars and register for this year’s presentation.

Websites and information at:

Industrial Truck Association-National Forklift Safety Day

Join the webinar at:

DC Velocity VIRTUAL EVENT: National Forklift Safety Day 2021

May 2021 Did You Know…?

May is National Electrical Safety Month

Over the past ten years, more than 20,000 workers have been injured in workplace electrical accidents. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) is a non-profit organization that promotes electrical safety in all aspects of life—in the home, school and workplace. Protect yourself and your workforce by learning more about electrical safety.

Check out the website at:

April 2021 Did You Know…?

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Each April, the National Safety Council (NSC) promotes ways to be aware of how we can so easily become distracted behind the wheel. Motor vehicle deaths actually increased during the COVID-19 pandemic—2020 is estimated to have the highest fatality cases in 13 years! Commit to your safety by being intentional and focused while you are driving. Sign the NSC Just Drive Pledge and stay safe on the road! Also during April is National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 26-30! Join SCTMC for Flagger Training and learn how to keep drivers safe on the road in work zones!
Check out the websites and information at:

March 2021 Did You Know…?

Ladder Safety Month

(According to OSHA Ladder Safety Month 2021) From Fiscal Year 2009 through Fiscal Year 2020 there have been approximately 26 ladder related fatalities reported to the Houston OSHA offices. In Fiscal Year 2020 we had three ladder related fatalities versus two previous fiscal year. There were 30 reported serious incidents in Fiscal Year 2020 versus 24 the previous fiscal year. Ladders are important to help workers access elevated heights, however, they present a serious fall hazard when used incorrectly. By continuing to focus on ladder safety we can do even better this year.

Check out the websites and information at:

February 2021 Did You Know…?

American Heart Month

Every February the National Heart, Lung and Blood
Institute (NHLBI) and The Heart Truth® focus on heart health and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

“Research shows that we’re more successful at meeting personal health goals when we join forces with others. When we take care of our hearts as part of our self-care, we set an example for those around us to do the same. Inspire and motivate yourself and those you love to make heart health a regular part of your self-care routine.”

Find a self-care checklist and a 7 Day plan of Self-Care on the NHLBI website.

Check out the websites at:

January 2021 Did You Know…?

National Radon Action Month 

Radon is a naturally-occurring colorless and odorless radioactive gas that is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in America. Radon disperses quickly outdoors, but can become trapped indoors leading to an increased health risk. One way to be proactive during National Radon Action Month is to test your home for radon. Contact the Texas Tech University Whitacre College of Engineering about getting an indoor test kit (website below). Also check out the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for more information about radon.  

Check out the websites at:

December 2020 Did You Know…?

National Handwashing Awareness Week! 

National Handwashing Awareness Week is the first full week of December each year (Dec. 6-12). This public awareness campaign designed to encourage healthy practices in schools. Though aimed at children, this campaign to promote handwashing is a useful preventative measure to make into a habit during the coronavirus pandemic. “Thank you for helping to Spread the word not the germs!” 

Check out the website at:

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